Soul Driven business

How to Create a
 Soul Driven Business or Soul Driven Career

Inspired by insight, intuition and wisdom....
1.  Envision the future
    skills, services, markets
2.  Create the blueprint
    concepts, details
3.  Actualize the vision
    plans, resources, actions

 Reap the rewards.

Create Meaningful Work with

Soul Driven Business®

Programs, Workshops and Consulting

For Visionaries and Innovators

Owners and Managers

Artists and Creatives

Teachers and Consultants

Entrepreneurs and Solo-preneurs 

Part-timers and Freelancers

Employees and Retirees

Seven Qualities of the Soul Driven Business or Career:

1.  Inspired

     reflective of a personal vision or passion, from the soul

2.  Innovative

     creative, unique, thinking outside the box

3.  Insightful

     intuitive, authentic, reliant on inner wisdom

4.  Responsible

     environmentally, in the community, to the greater good

5.  Respectful

     of self, co-workers, contributors, collaborators

6.  Viable

     financially sound, operationally effective, stable

7.  Valued

     for products, services, integrity

Innovative Thinking, Inspired Success

Programs, Presentations, Workshops, Consulting 


Individuals, Organizations, Businesses, Events

Soul Driven Business and Soul Driven Career Programs honor relevant best practices yet go beyond traditional paradigms, accessing inner wisdom and intuition for powerfully creative solutions.